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Utilities: Projected Pay Increase Budgets for 2016

Posted by KC Hall on Dec 9, 2015 3:19:18 PM

We're in the process of releasing projected 2016 pay increase budgets for several industries. Up today? Utilities! Here is what utility employers are projecting for pay increase budgets in 2016:


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From @CompdataSurveys, #utilities employers project an average 2016 #payincrease of 3.0% #hr #compensation

From @CompdataSurveys, #electric #utility employers project 2016 #payincrease higher than industry avg @CompdataSurveys #hr #compensation

How does this match up with your pay increase budgets for 2016? Comment below or tweet us!

All data is from Compdata Surveys' 2015 Compensation Data Utilities results. With information collected from nearly 2,000 utilities organizations with more than 270,000 employees, we provide a comprehensive look at benefits and pay practice information. 

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