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Banking & Finance: Projected Pay Increase Budgets for 2016

Posted by KC Hall on Dec 2, 2015 10:52:41 AM

Pay increase budgets are always a hot topic. Employers want to know what their peers and competitors are planning. Keeping budgets in-line with the industry average, or above it, can be key to retaining top talent. When it comes to the Banking & Finance industry, here is what employers are projecting for pay increase budgets in 2016:


And in 2015? Here is what banking and finance employers, by sub-industry, reported for pay increases :


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From @CompdataSurveys, #banking & #finance employers project an average 2016 #payincrease of 2.9% #hr #compensation

From @CompdataSurveys, #creditunion #employers report an average 2015 #payincrease of 3.3% #hr #compensation

For 2016, #creditunion and investment company #employers project #payincrease higher than industry avg @CompdataSurveys #hr #compensation

How does this match up with your pay increase budgets for 2016? Comment below or tweet us!

All data is from Compdata Surveys' 2015 Compensation Data Banking & Finance results. With information collected from nearly 14,000 participating locations with 700,000 employees, we provide a comprehensive look at benefits and pay practice information. Learn more.

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