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2016 Compensation Data Healthcare Results Now Available

Posted by KC Hall on May 5, 2016 2:39:34 PM

The 2016 Compensation Data Healthcare results are now available! It's worth noting, this year's results feature data from more than 10,500 healthcare employers with more than 10 million employees across the country! That's a lot of data - data that you can put to work for your organization.


On the importance of the 2016 compensation data report, Compdata Vice President Amy Kaminski explains, “In an ever-shifting workplace landscape, HR professionals strive to find the perfect combination of total rewards that will not only attract employees, but also lead to employee satisfaction and engagement. A great way to gauge total rewards is with accurate compensation and benefits market data. With data from more than 10,500 healthcare organizations, this is the report to get.”

Offering data points unique to the healthcare industry, Compensation Data Healthcare reporting includes per diem, prn, shift differentials, on-call and call-back pay. Users can filter data by bed size, industry classification, teaching status, local geographic area, and other breakouts important to their facility’s unique needs.

Find out how healthcare facilities are handling critical items, such as pay increases, employee incentives and cost containment. Learn about current turnover trends and recruiting practices in healthcare.

Compensation Data Healthcare is available for the following regions: Midwest, Northeast, South Central, Southeast and West. It is also available as a National Suite, giving healthcare employers the opportunity to build a customized package of compensation resources to best meet their needs.

Find more information about the 2016 Compensation Data Healthcare results at

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